Go Project CLASSIC Bearings

Go Project CLASSIC Bearings

Go Project Classic skate bearings are a cost effective solution to frequent replacements, flat set-ups or just a wallet-friendly, quality component. Constructed using a single sided nylon shield that does not dent like metal, the ball bearings are less at risk of being crushed or caught between damaged shields.

Go Project does not use the generic ABEC scale to rate bearings because of its irrelevance to the specific tolerances imposed by inline skating. Quality of manufacturing and materials far surpass the importance of a rating based upon ‘revolutions per second’. The Classics simply have a Speciality Rating of 3/5 which represents their performance when used as a skate bearing. Pack of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels).

Spacers sold separately.

-Sold in a pack of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels)

RRP: £13.95 GBP / €16.95 EUR / $19 USD

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