Go Project CROWN Bearings

Go Project CROWN Bearings

Go Project Crown bearings are different. The bearings come with a copper ‘Crown Spacer’ which slots into the centre bore hole. Compatible with all regular skate wheels and frames, the Crown system enhances performance in several ways:

  • The majority of grit and dirt enters the bearing through the inner ring and the shield. The Crown spacer forms a cover over this area, reducing the intake of external elements.
  • The Crown spacer spreads the load of the rider across a wide plateau creating greater energy efficiency.
  • The Crown system shifts the position of the bearing away from the frame walls and deeper into the wheel, resulting in less damage and contamination from road debris.
  • They are an effective solution for poor energy transfer caused by frames with plastic frame spacers.


8 bearings
8 Copper Anodised Crown spacers


-Regular spacers (for use between your bearings) are sold separately.
-Sold in a pack of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels)

RRP: £35 GBP / €41 EUR / $46 USD


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