Go Project 65mm Wheels | Grey

Go Project 65mm Wheels | Grey

The 65mm Go Project wheel. The first of it’s kind in this ‘mid-size’, now in it's fourth version (V.4).

We managed to fully extract the colour pigmentation out of the core leaving us with a stronger hub material than previous versions. We also changed the way the hub is bonded to the urethane 'tyre' so the wheel is now more resistant to de-coring. All Go Project wheels come with a 1 year warranty against de-coring and core fracturing in case you find an anomaly.

We don't provide an 'A' (hardness) rating on our wheels because it lacks true accuracy, however; we've made the Go 65 wheel a little harder than the first versions so that it's faster on the roll.

The compound is creamy and satin and retains a unique smooth texture once broken in. This high-end urethane is a first in the Aggressive industry.

-Sold in sets of 4

-Available in Deep Grey

-Because of their 'mid' size the Go 65's are best combined with a mid or high frame. To use on 'shallower' frames you may need to slightly modify the base of your skate in order to fit them. You can usually find the 'max wheel size' of your frames by visiting the website of a retailer selling those frames.

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