Go Project Six Ball Bearings

Go Project Six Ball Bearings

The Go Project 'Six Ball' Bearings

They use SIX Chrome Steel ball bearings instead of SEVEN for reduced friction. Each ball is marginally bigger than regular bearings making these perfect for a heavy vertical load-bearing sport like inline skating. Go Project does not use the generic ABEC scale to rate bearings because of its irrelevance to the specific tolerances imposed by inline skating, where quality of manufacturing and materials far surpass the importance of a rating based upon ‘revolutions per second’. The Six Ball bearings simply have a Speciality Rating of 5/5 which represents their performance when used as a skate bearing.

Bearing spacers are sold separately.

Pack of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels)

-Regular spacers (for use between your bearings) are sold separately.
-Sold in a pack of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels)

RRP: £27.95 GBP / €32 EUR / $39 USD


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