Go Project LASER Spacers

Go Project LASER Spacers

Bearing spacers are the thistle in the bear’s paw. While seemingly insignificant; your wheels won’t be spinning very well without them.

The precision of the manufacturing is very important. If they are machined a fraction of a millimetre too long then you’ll notice a clicking sound when you apply pressure to the side of the bearings, a common complaint when experimenting with different wheel/bearing/spacer set-ups. Our spacers are designed to work perfectly with the core of our wheels. On top of that, we've tested them across an extensive range of other wheel brands and found them to be compatible industry wide.

We made sure our spacers were machined with absolute precision so the marriage between your spacers, bearings and wheels isn’t a dysfunctional one.

-8mm (diameter) x 10mm (height)
-Sold in packs of 4


RRP: £3.99 GBP / £4.99 EUR / $5.50 USD

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