Go Project 60mm Wheels

Go Project 60mm Wheels

Go Projects real forte comes with the SMOOTHNESS of the ride. Our signature grey urethane is velvety in it's composition and wears to a silky creamy texture. We've now discontinued our white wheels in favour of the grey urethane which was offering better wear and consistency. 

We spent the best part of a year getting the hub materials locked in. Our newer hub (since 2018) has not experienced any issues with fracturing. We managed to fully extract the colour pigmentation out of the core this time leaving us with a stronger hub material. We also changed the way the hub is bonded to the urethane 'tyre' so the wheel is now more resistant to de-coring.

The Go Project 60mm wheel mould was created from scratch for this project meaning that this compound / size / profile combination is not repeated by any other manufacturers in the industry. 

It's important for bearing spacers to be exactly the same length as the inside-core of the wheel. This is why we recommend you use Go Project spacers.

-Sold in sets of 4


RRP: £31.95 GBP / £35.95 EUR / $39.95 USD
(Please note EUR and USD RRP's will fluctuate with exchange rates)

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